Staff Requirements

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Staff Requirements

Post by Relay on Mon Jan 25, 2016 2:50 pm

Requirements for all Applications

•Have the ability to understand/speak english.
•Has no history in past (banned accounts and etc.) it doesn't stop you from creating an application it only lowers your chances.
•Spend at least 5+ hours a day online, Be active and help people we can tell.
•You must answer the questions without any lies, Truthfully.
•Not following one or any of these rules will result in an immediate denial.

Time Spent Requirements

Helper- Play in server at least for 7 days.

Moderator- Have the experience of Helper at least of 24 days, if you haven't been a helper 24 days in this server you can't apply.

Administrator- Have the experience of Moderator of 14 days, you must have had Moderator for 14 days before applying for Administrator.

Trusted Dicer/Youtuber - No time requirements, Trusted dicer must have a super donator+

You can't apply for Moderator/Administrator straight away you need to apply for Helper and work your way to the top.
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